Bungie slams YouTube for DMCA ‘safety loophole’ and awful customer support

Bungie has launched a lawsuit in opposition to the perpetrators of final week’s “fraudulent” Future 2 film takedowns, declaring that the elimination of community-established video clips introduced concerning the studio “sizeable reputational and monetary harm.” The go well with can be massively important of YouTube’s “shortly gamed reporting methodology,” which it cites because the principal trigger that the assault on Future 2 content material creators was worthwhile within the preliminary location.

The difficulties began beforehand this thirty day interval, when a number of DMCA takedown notices ended up filed towards outstanding Future 2 content material materials creators on YouTube. It was unclear why the takedowns had been remaining issued primarily as a result of they appeared to affect movies that Bungie’s insurance policies particularly make it potential for, and making the entire element even weirder, a few of Bungie’s have articles was additionally certified.